Community Fruit Harvest Manawatu
Interest Form

Do you want to be a Community Fruit Harvest Volunteer? Are you a community group interested in helping to distribute donated fruit to your community?  Are you interested in donating surplus fruit?  Sign up with as much information below as you think we need to keep in contact with you. Make sure you select the group you'd like to be in at the bottom of the form, so that you don't receive extra emails that don't relate to you.  For example, if you want to be a volunteer, make sure you select the volunteer's checkbox.  You can make more than one selection. 
* indicates required
What part of town are you in? This helps us to match volunteers to picking jobs close to them.
You can write all about how you'd like to help CFH here. Or give us details of your opening hours. Anything relevant to helping match fruit to pickers to communities.
If you are donating fruit, CFH will need to know where to find it. If you're a picker, you don't need to tell us your exact address.
list the season or months that your fruit is usually ready.
If you are a charity or group that can distribute fruit. Fill this field in. Perhaps you are a business that is interested in supporting or joining the work of CFH in some way.
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